Often people come to us with acne, and they assume that they must have oily skin. However, oily skin is not the root cause in every case where acne is of concern. Acne is frequently the result of dry skin and lack of exfoliation to remove dead skin, combined with insufficient deep cleaning to remove surface impurities, plus an aversion to using a moisturizer. This simple routine can help manage break-outs associated with dry skin acne.

*While we can’t make claims to heal what ails you, our products have been known to bring some relief to symptoms associated. For any serious skin concerns, we encourage you to consult your doctor about treatment options.

The Prescribed Regime: Acne-Caused by Dry Skin

  1. Cleanse/Wash with Sage & Clay Soap.
  2. Use our Exfoliation Bar once a week to remove dead skin.
  3. Moisturize with an oil based cream.
  4. Use our Acne Cream to treat affected areas or to moisturize all over.

Olivier has a number of every-day essential natural beauty products, which have been carefully formulated for any skin type. These products can work with your regime, and in compliment to any products listed by Skin Type. Create healthy habits for beautiful skin, naturally.